Indie king Ruben Dawnson shares his groovy debut EP “Echo Emotions”

Releasing his debut six-track EP, Norwegian indie star Ruben Dawnson shares an elite collection of sad-pop songs. Weaving between indie and pop, the EP introduces us all to an artist with a talent for creating emotionally charged tracks. “Echo Emotions” is an exquisite, insightful EP from a beautiful artist.

Opening with the previously released single “SAYIMGOOD”, the EP begins with a catchy indie number. Thrown into the deep end with angular guitar lines and sketchy drum beats, the single is a happy-go-lucky tune brimming with feel good sounds.  Followed by the R&B leaning “Still Moving” and the acoustic-driven “Rain On My Umbrella”, it’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone” which is the ultimate treat. Exhibiting vulnerability with such ease, the tracks’ jangles and upbeat, dance-infused melodies drowns out its mellow undertones. Exploring loneliness in a crowd, the single is the perfect solicitous bop.

Another single contrasting melodies with sad lyricism, “FYALMA” acts as an anti-anxiety anthem. Filled with lustrous hazy soundscapes, the track is an ode to fighting those intrusive thoughts. It’s pristine-clean pop-led sounds fill the air with such abundance, it’s hard not to dance in your bedroom to this. Choosing to end the EP with its title track; “Echo Emotions” consolidates Dawnson’s body of work effortlessly. With a compelling calming presence, and quite clearly echoing Dawnson’s emotions, the single works to find his inner peace and transcends into a glistening infusion of future indie-pop.

Posed as a coming-of-age soundtrack, the EP is a true introspective piece of work. “This is a very specials and introspective project for me, a product of reflections and thoughts built over several years,” explains Dawnson. “It’s about confronting your true self, learning and acknowledging your inner fears, struggles, issues… honestly & fear. Learning to be honest. Realising it’s okay to tell people. Opening up. Discovering new sides of yourself. Lessons. Change. Growth yet stillness. It’s raw, direct and as honest as it can be. Fear, mortality, loss, loneliness, anxiety, sexuality – hope & love. This is the truest expression of me in my moments of existence.”

For a debut EP, “Echo Emotions” is superbly intimate. This is a very special collection of songs that really needs to be listened to thoroughly and delicately. Its intricacies are infectious and it’s a delight to listen to; Ruben Dawnson should be incredibly proud of this debut. 

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