Indie pop artist Woolfy returns with solo single, “Shooting Stars”

Indie artist Woolfy, Simon James, returns with his first solo outing since 2014. Throughout his career, Woolfy’s done solo work and tons of collabs with groups like Projections, Lexx, and Coyote, making either disco or funky, laidback house productions. But throughout his career, he’s always stayed true to the indie pop sound. Today, check out his newest release, “Shooting Stars.”

Gentle fireworks burst and shimmer throughout the track, a strong and echoing backbeat. It’s complimented with openhearted handclaps. Especially with the cloudy pad beats and xylophone, there’s a beautiful innocence to the song in both its production and lyrics. With his distinct twangy falsetto vocals, Woolfy’s chants for one to live life on their own path. Altogether, it’s a comforting pick-me-up serenade.

The song has a family-oriented meaning behind it. Woolfy shared, “It’s a song of hope I wrote for my daughter Neeve. Musically I was going for magical and dreamy, like when I went to see The Cure as a young lad, but also anthemic like a Queen stadium-filler. The bells are bringing a childlike playfulness and the big drums distinguish the song from the start […] Once I had them, all the other parts started falling into place.”

This single comes ahead of his new EP, Shooting Stars, due out December 3rd on Ritual Release.

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