Indie rock band The Backfires release headbanging single, “Song 55”

Get ready to start head banging to indie rock band The Backfires. First formed in London, the band has since moved to New York City, where they’ve been able to bask in their success. Their debut 2021 EP Consider the Backfires, came with such a effortlessly cool style with sleek guitar solos and flawless drumbeats. Today, they’ll have you missing bands like The Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes with the release of their new single, “Song 55.”

The Backfires call this track their "middle finger to the hyper commercialization of creativity." And they’re exactly right, because this song does anything but the ordinary. Arresting with a heat wave guitar, the track builds into a high energy and melodious chant. It’s so easy to feel like you’re already at one of their shows. You can practically hear the crowd singing along, and feel the mosh pit forming with the track’s hammering outro.

This track can also really resonate with a lot of listeners as it centers on that new generation feeling of not wanting to settle for anything in life and holding onto passions and dreams. The band stated exclusively, "When we wrote the song, we were all remote and it took a couple of Zoom calls to figure it out. People we knew were starting work and saying stuff to us like “when are you gonna get a real job?” It got old really quick so we wrote this song for them to bash their head to on their way home from work."

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