Indie-rock trio Goldpark encapsulate youthfulness on “Summer In My Head”

Nashville indie-rock trio Goldpark announces sophomore EP, Goldpark Two with glistening single “Summer In My Head,” a feel-good track carried by deep vocals and a gentle soundscape which builds with their signature energetic rock styling.

Capturing the feeling of being young and looking back at the collection of moments that make up your life, the track brings a summery, nostalgic vibe to life with a combination of melodic keys and smooth guitars, punctuated by catchy beats.

An entrancing tease of their upcoming EP, which will see the trio capture their sonic evolution with confidence and an aim to make everyone listening smile, “Summer In My Head,” is a vibrant anthem to encapsulate the last vestiges of summer.

Consisting of Wes Hunter, Andrew Smith and Kyle Neblett, Goldpack move to an artistic era framed by refined musicality and more confidence in their creative identity – this uplifting single being a stunning sign of what’s to come.

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