Infectious Rock n’ Roll outfit Velvet Starlings will have you shook with new single “Technicolor Shakedown” [Video]

With musical venues slowly starting to re-open, it is great to be able to be a show-goer once again. Though it is not quite the same as it used to be, we are grateful to have it back at least in some capacity. Velvet Starlings vividly express their love for catching live music in their latest single and visuals “Technicolor Shakedown”. 

This unruly tune hits you hard with its static soundscapes of jangly guitars, thrashing drums and tambourine. There is an indescribable energy when watching a live performance and the group has seamlessly captured that vigor with this dynamic release. The psychedelic video takes you on a wild ride with its bold patterns and muted pops of color. Creating a '60s-esque esthetic to match their vintage sound, viewers are instantly drawn in.

The Los Angeles natives are known for their catchy, rebellious rock tunes. The band was founded by guitarist and organ player Christian Gisborne and possesses an immense level of musical skill. Reminiscent of acts like Cage The Elephant and Tame Impala, their uniquely animated sound transports you to a whole other world. Watch the mind-altering offering now.

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