Introducing neo-soul artist Kehina and her free-flowing single “All Over Again”

Born and raised in London, of Algerian, Sudanese, and Turkish descent, Kehina first came across our radar late last week through the neo-soul sounds and low-key elements terminating from her current streaming catalog.

Having grown up on the fresh sounds of Lauryn Hill, Gil Scott Heron, and Marvin Gaye, her love for R&B and soul was passed along by her father. Through a brief email interaction, we learned Kehina grew up in a musical house where her mother instilled a love for blues and ’70s French pop, which resulted in her own eclectic taste and unique sound. Her soft vocal work on notable tracks like “All Over Again” shows her vocal range and also a knack for production as the single was produced by Kehina herself.  With free-flowing words and melodies, it feels easy to fall into Kehina’s work, as she lays out relatable lyrics and a lowkey bouncy rhythm, you might hear on Spotify’s Pollen.
Kehina shared with us, “When I wrote this song I couldn’t get this image out of my head, it’s how this song sounded, how i envisioned it, how it burned, how it felt. you know that feeling when you step out of the airport in a hot city by the sea and the heat just hits you… like a wall of heat and the air feels heavy. Idk what it means but it just makes everything feel different. all my anxieties just melt away in that heat. that different energy from the peace you feel knowing you got nowhere to be. and how I spend every moment of every day looking for that peace so I can feel it all over again.” More music is coming she shared, for now, you can check out the latest through the links below.
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