Iranian-American act Ali Rez talks overcoming life’s challenges on “Live Above Pollution”

Iranian-American singer and DJ Ali Rez drops subtle and stripped-back track “Live Above Pollution,” bringing out a metaphor about overcoming the challenges you face in life. With a comforting message made better with a gentle soundscape of ethereal synths and soulful vocals.

Rooted in electronic sonics balanced by a powerful yet heart-warming song writing, the track encourages us to find solutions to our problems instead of falling into a negative pattern of critiquing or complaining about the world around us. Reminding us to keep our heads above “the noise, doubt, and obstacles,” thrown into our paths, Rez infuses his signature of empowering themes, combining the power of music with pride in your identity, as he always has.

Born and raised in Queens,Ali Rez is a first-generation, LGBT Iranian-American who has emerged as a rising star for his ability to heal himself and others through his experimental sonic explorations – he continues down this with purposeful strides.

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