IRENE confronts a traumatic past on latest single “Gatekeeper”

Nordic alt-pop talent IRENE confronts a traumatic past on latest single “Gatekeeper,” an empowering anthem that lends victims everywhere the strength to fight back against the shackles of powerful people.

Drawing from her painful personal experience with sexual violence at the hands of her piano teacher, IRENE weaves a tale that’s vulnerable and bold all at once. With emotive lyrics like “Eye for an eye, sex for access,” we’re given a glimpse of the visceral pain, frustration and deep-rooted rage that comes from being faced with gatekeeping in various forms.

The intensely intimate yet highly relatable message wrapped up in her raw, luscious alt-pop musicality makes for sonic experience that’s fierce and haunting.

A classically trained pianist with a penchant for poetic song writing, IRENE sets herself up as a rising star bolstered by the versatility of her music and her ability to inspire anyone listening.

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