Irish act BLÁNID delves into feeling lost in a strained relationship on "Dead Man Dancing"

Irish singer-songwriter BLÁNID’s latest offering, “Dead Man Dancing,” explores the stalemate between two people in a disintegrating relationship; the emerging musician’s captivating combination of hushed vocals, delicate soundscapes and surreal lyricism conveying the lost feeling that settles into her heart as she envisions two people suffocating under the weight of a strained relationship.

Drawn from her own personal experience and struck by a scene in the '80s comedy film, Airplane 2, the folk-infused production strikes a chord with its melancholic songwriting underpinned by a gentle yet intricately layered instrumental that transports us into the vibrant imagery that BLÁNID weaves, which she explains as,“ We were rotating in stasis, trying to pretend that everything was fine when really, we were suffocating.”

Having made a lasting impression with cinematic debut single, “Fool’s Gold,” earlier this year, this track with its swirling sonics and poetic messaging establishes that BLÁNID is well on her way to stardom.

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