Irish duo Tebi Rex reflect on hopelessness on deceptively upbeat track "Deadman"

Emerging Irish duo Tebi Rex tease their upcoming album It’s Gonna Be Okay with alt-pop offering “Deadman”—a rumbling exploration of hopelessness. The track which sees the pair push the boundaries of pop and alternative music with a smooth infusion of their rap roots channels anger and frustrations even in attempts to remain positive.

With a melancholia that feels relatable in the uncertainty of the current times, “Deadman,” which forms the seemingly lighter half of previous release, 'Deadman II’, anchors listeners with a deceptively anthemic hip-hop-influenced soundscape as the lyrics take us through stories of insecurities and personal failings.

Described by the duo themselves as a track that feels “like someone having a breakdown desperately trying and failing to convince themselves that it's going to be okay, “Deadman,” forms an impression of the vivid yet vulnerable messages which appear to form the crux of their upcoming album.

Having built a fanbase with their recent slate of live performances and their dark, moody musicality, Tebi Rex continue to polish their sound and their deeply introspective artistry 

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