Irish multi-talent Jillelli laments stiff upper lip attitudes on “Stoic”

Dublin music producer, songwriter and vocalist Jillelli explores emotional vulnerability and honesty in modern romance on synth-laden dark pop production “Stoic,” breaking down the frustrations toward the stiff upper lip attitude in contemporary relationships.

A cathartic outpouring of her own frustrations bleeding into relatable messaging, the track delivers up an innovative modern sound rooted in the 80s and 90s New York underground sensibilities.

Having first made her entry into music as a DJ, Jillelli who carefully honed an old-school hip-hop artistry has seamlessly shifted into a new signature of alt-pop blended with R&B, new wave and house to craft a  delicate world of dark-synth pop with a modern Irish flair to it.

Now, emerging as a multi-genre talent with a skill for thoughtful songwriting and melodic instrumentals, Jillelli offers up “Stoic,” as an enchanting peek into a long musical journey yet to come.

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