Irish musician Erica Cody writes self-confident love letter to younger self on "Queen"

Irish R&B singer Erica Cody brings alive classic 90s vibes with her latest single “Queen,” led by sultry vocals and slow-build instrumentals. Written as a love letter to your younger self, the track encourages us to be unapologetically ourselves. With soulful harmonies and pulsing beats, Cody comes  in with poise and style reminding us that we control our happiness.

Taken from Cody’s forthcoming EP, the track is a self-confident anthem brimming with Cody’s signature melodic lilt, soft harmonies and powerful song writing, which combine to push her artistic evolution forward at a self-assured pace. Having established herself as a champion of Irish female talent, her music oozing her well-developed passion for issues around racism and equality, the track’s positive narrative of life falling into place when approached with patience and persistence is unsurprising yet equally necessary coming from Cody.

With an empowering and authentic presence that oozes elegance and girl-power, Cody who has quickly and steadily risen to become one of Ireland’s most promising artists, continues to deliver rich slices of hazy R&B grounded by optimistic messages. With more dazzling soundscapes on the horizon, “Queen,” is only one more milestone in a career that seems set to keep rising to new heights.

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