Isaac Dunbar explodes with energy on “pink party” [Video]

At 17 years old, Isaac Dunbar already has already cemented his position as a rising star in Pop music with two EP’s and raving reviews from PAPER Magazine, The FADER, and Ones to Watch. His debut EP, balloons don’t float here is full of intimate moments, charming choruses, and glamorous production. His music is astonishingly profound, with deeply personal themes presented in a totally off-the-cuff manner.

“pink party” is the third single from his forthcoming EP, evil twin. This new track is a mix of industrial muck and top-shelf glitter, blending into a sound of blank aggression and confident promiscuity. This Hyper-Bedroom-Pop banger is equal parts colorful and cursed. The theme follows Isaac’s history of brutal honesty in his music, this time it’s about his hopeful love in Paris.

‘pink party’ was inspired after a night out in paris with my friends. i set an expectation about paris, where i would meet the love of my life during vespertine hours: so in the record i talk to the lover i wanted to meet that night, but i made them up in my head.”

-Isaac Dunbar

The video for “pink party” is jagged and hyper; cut with vibrant colors and unique modern art scenery. The video is directed by Tusk Creative. Starting in a saturated velvet room, it cuts to a collage of close-ups in a dark room with a cool-tinged spotlight, a then an eccentric bedroom, and ending in a metal diamond plated mirror booth. The video is engaging, incredibly fluid and dynamic, and a great visual representation of the emotion in the song.

Isaac Dunbar’s new EP, evil twin is out February 19 via RCA Records.

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