Isatta Sheriff shares stories ‘For Those Who Love’

Emerging East London rapper Isatta Sheriff and Italian beatmaker Koralle release their new EP, Eat The Kiwi Skin—a six-track body of work that takes listeners into the unapologetic world of someone who eats the skin of the kiwi. The project boasts collaborations with a host of artists ranging from Lex Amor, Shumba Youth, Awate, and last but not least Mercy’s Cartel. Entirely produced by Koralle whose soulful soundscapes provide the perfect canvass for Isatta’s vivid lyricism and unique take on racial politics and her experiences as a black female rapper in a male-dominated space.

The new release opens up with the track “Who Am I (eh-eh)” as a perfect introduction to what makes Isatta tick. Over the moody jazz piano riffs and muddy bassline, she gives us a sneak view into her borough and the craziness that comes with it.

On the stand-out singles “Window Thoughts” and “Will They Try”, Isatta gives a resounding and heartfelt view of how music intertwines with her life. On the former, she gives us a glimpse of what she sees through her metaphoric window while the latter sees her recounting her experiences as a rapper trying to get into doors guarded by men with underhanded agendas.

The title track features vocalist Mercy’s Cartel whose sublime vocals sets the tone for Isatta’s reflective lyrics. She takes listeners back to the ’90s with references to movies and music of that time while highlighting the legacy the hip-hop scene left. Isatta references the likes of Mary J Blige, Aaliyah and Lisa Left Eye Lopez as well as other legends including The Fresh Prince.

Overall the project is cohesive, warm and nostalgic while Isatta’s distinct flow and well-crafted evocative lyricism are noteworthy.

Isatta runs her own label, Doctored Sound, and has worked as a music consultant for Rap Game UK. Koralle is slowly building his stats and has worked with the likes of Houston rapper Anti Lilly and South London Jazz-Rap group Summers Sons.

Listen to Eat The Kiwi Skin on all DSPs here.

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