ITS HAB is like a “Vacant House” with new release

ITS HAB is the hot new thing from Broward County, Florida, bringing fresh authenticity and storytelling to the music scene. In an interview, ITS HAB spilled the beans on his creative process and music inspirations. Bob Marley, Kodak Black, Rod Wave, and Lana Del Ray have all shaped ITS HAB‘s sound and helped him find his voice as a musician. He spends his mornings hustling and perfecting his craft, then hits the studio at night, working with a team of producers like Loaditupcarl, Divini, Equinox, and Mightymadethebeat.

ITS HAB’s music is all about personal experiences, hoping to connect with others who’ve faced similar struggles. His latest single with Rylo Rodriguez is a prime example of that. Released on February 17, ITS HAB uses “Vacant House” to hone in on his emotions – using his current experiences to prove that, although he’s on his own at times, it won’t stop him from chasing his goals. Inspiring lyricism over a melodic guitar hip-hop beat, the song provides listeners with a chance to connect with the artist on a personal level. Stay in the know on Instagram and stream his music on Spotify!

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