Izzy Bizu and Dom McAllister live it up in “MG”

“Can we just live it up tonight?” coos London-rooted pop-soul cariño Izzy Bizu on her bright-sounding new single “MG”. Perfectly made for late-night cruises in the U.K.-manufactured sports car referenced by the song’s title, the single brews up memories of sunkissed shorelines and neon-lit nights.

Tapping into some cheery “living in the moment” brilliance, the upbeat tune delights in being a carefree celebration of life and possibility. The song sparkles in part thanks to its simply laid out yet super catchy arrangement as handled by producer Tancrede Rouff. Fellow young Londoner Dom McAllister also helps to bolster the song’s good vibes by adding a honey-coated guest verse to the breezy bop. Explaining the song’s origins and significance to her fans, Izzy states: “…I wrote the song with two friends in my home studio on a rainy day in London. It’s like driving away with someone special at sunset, trying to find new beginnings, and realizing that you don’t need that much to be happy.”

And while the infectious, radio-bound single is probably best served as a sweet mood lifter, the song also has a deeper, more personal meaning for the young soprano. “Originally the song was about a promise that my Dad made to me that one day we would buy an MG. We used to walk past the MG store and he would ask me to pick out my favourite and said we would buy it one day and drive away on an adventure.” Working with the directing duo of Samuel Barnham and Bradley Boorman, Bizu brings that same adventurous energy to the small screen as she hits the road with her on-screen love interest for the song’s official video.

If you need an irresistible mix of R&B, pop, and electronic music – and let’s be honest, we all need that type of energy in our lives from time to time – then look no further than this sweetly soaring, pop-soul confection from the quickly rising U.K. starlet. 

You can listen to “MG” right now, courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited, on all music streaming services.

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