J. Hoard drops off a reminder to “Keep Your Head” with fresh single (feat. M.E.R.C. and Jason Shepard)

J. Hoard has dropped off a new song titled “Keep Your Head”, featuring emcee M.E.R.C. and produced by Jackson Shepard. J. Hoard is an NYC artist with gospel roots that birthed his wide-ranging love of all genres. His eclecticism yielded songwriting collaborations on Black Coffee‘s Grammy-winning Subconsciously as well as Chance the Rapper‘s multiple Grammy-winning album Coloring Book. His latest offering displays his versatile approach to crafting infectious, soulful tunes, as “Keep Your Head” neatly blends R&B and soul aesthetics with alt-pop, gospel, and more for a refreshing listen.

On “Keep Your Head” weaving, ethereal guitar lines give way to an infectious groove based around punchy percussion and engaging bass. This vibrant backdrop creates a solid foundation for the song’s powerful vocal lines, which float in a transcendent manner atop the gleaming instrumentation, before a sharp hip-hop verse from M.E.R.C. provides contrast. Capped off by a memorable chorus accentuated by the track’s glowing guitars, “Keep Your Head” takes on an intriguingly haunting undertone as it progresses.

J. Hoard’s latest offering “Keep Your Head”, featuring rapper M.E.R.C. and produced by multi-instrumentalist Jackson Shepard, provides an enticing, poignant listen with its vibrant blend of R&B, soul, gospel, alt-pop, and more.

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