Jack Howard delivers a powerful message of hope on “Another Day”

Portsmouth-hailing, London-based Jack Howard delivers a powerful message of hope on “Another Day,” unfurling a personal tale led by his soulful and vibrant artistry. Building on delicate guitars and catchy beats, the hazy track is led by natural, free-flowing vocals and warm synths that weaves through soaring melodic touches to make for a soothing listening experience. 

Capturing feelings of aspiration and faith, the track is a deeply personal reflection of someone Howard loves overcoming addiction. Speaking of the track, he says, “When I was younger sometimes all I needed was hope that the sun would come up and a new day would begin. Even now I still wake up extra early so I can sit in the silence of day break. When I wrote this song I needed to be hopeful that it was all going to be okay. I hope this song gives you a little bit of me!”

With an intricate artistry spanning dazed indie, alt-pop and soul alongside lyrical narratives that reflect on the feelings of growing up, exploration of identity and masculinity, relationships, hardships and grief, the track gives us a glimpse of his forthcoming debut EP All Things That Came Before, setting up expectations for a mesmerising and beautifully articulated sonic journey. 

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