Jackie Faye drops infectious new video for, “Jackie Faye Adventures”

Saturday morning cartoons were a staple growing up for anybody over the age of 25. After a long week of dealing with massive issues at school, it was damn near a spiritual experience to wake up on Saturday morning a bit later than usual to watch any of the classic cartoons showed on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network or the CW (RIP WB Kids). One of those therapeutic cartoons was Jackie Chan Adventures, an animated series following the Rush Hour vet as he solved various problems. Hailing from Dallas, it down right inspired rising rapper Jackie Faye and her flourishing creativity, as she pays homage to the show in her eclectic new video for, “Jackie Faye Adventures.”

Directed by Nanako Fukui, the video follows Faye performing various shenanigans around the city, featuring scenes at various popular Dallas spots such as SinChin Market, where she does some grocery shopping in a hazmat suit. Showcasing Faye’s eccentric tastes, the video is full of bright colors, eye-popping props and engaging visuals, which perfectly line up with the up-beat vibe of the record. Produced by Paven Melody, Faye does a brilliant job highlighting her abilities as a rapper, finding perfect pockets for herself to do damage over thumping 808s. Adding in an impressive verse from featured artist, Chow Mane & you have an intriguing single that has the potential to generate some buzz.

Check out the video for, “Jackie Faye Adventures” above and be sure to get familiar with Jackie Faye.

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