JADN revel in the slow burning anthemia of “All For Nothing”

With the nature of trends being cyclical, one that’s remained ever-present in the realm of pop is the neon-tinged aesthetics of the 80s. With artists like The 1975 championing it of late, their staggering success has influenced a new wave of artists that are further reinterpreting the nostalgia of this iconic era. Standing head and shoulders above the contemporaries of this new wave are Westchester, NY based pop-rock outfit JADN.

On “All For Nothing,” their first single of 2020, and their first track since their 2019 debut album City Skies, the burgeoning five-piece are sounding tighter than ever.

As you hit play, a blissfully atmospheric synth washes over you, laced with a dutifully pensive nostalgia. Frontman David Vogel’s honeyed tones sweep in, tinged with an air of exasperation that perfectly befits the bordering on lachrymose lyrical narrative, of which he outlines in an email statement, “‘All For Nothing’ is an honest journal entry. A coming of age. Full of melancholy and the questioning of one’s reality. Knowing that beauty is out there, yet struggling to find it for yourself.” 

Forgoing much of the guitars that were commonplace on their debut, the quintessentially 80s synth work that would normally run parallel to them now takes centre stage with remarkable finesse. A delicate balance of introspective lyricism and body-moving anthemia that they refer to as “a beat that will make you wonder why you’re crying in the club,” JADN truly have a hit on their hands.

“All For Nothing” is available now via Birdhouse.

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