Jadon Woodard is not ‘Late to the Party’ with his new album

NYC-based artist Jadon Woodard releases his distinctive album Late to the Party, a release that calls on memories of old New York hip-hop on first play. 


Late to the Party was highly anticipated by Woodard’s fans after he dropped “Bad Azz” and “Mr. Grassman” as promo for this album release. Exceeding our expectations, Late to the Party captivates us as we feel like we’re reading a biography, except through the music. Jadon beautifully delivers through storytelling, rapping about family, relationships, mental health, and more. 
Woodard’s immense talent for storytelling is evident on the third track “Indiscretions.” His poetic words are heart gripping, creating a spiritual connection with us. Redddaz’s voice that’s present in the chorus is the perfect addition to the lyricism. Raw emotion spills out through both of their voices, as we reminisce on a love that has passed. The light beats in the background allow for a flawless projection of his voice as it touches our soul and has us possibly thinking about a love that didn’t work out. 
The fifth track “Rollin” is a very interesting and alluring track. Living up to its name, everything about this track from the delivery to the sound makes us all feel like we are rolling through the motions, failing to slow down for anything or anyone. Through intelligent songwriting, the rhymes keep us hooked. The entire track is very energetic and catchy, not solely the chorus, setting the tone for a good mood and for motivation. Sonically, the beats make a lasting impression, infused with fascinating piano keys.
Press play and feel the gritty vibes of New York City blasting through the speakers all the way from wordplay to production.
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