Jake Banfield and Brady Lee connect for “I Can Do This All Day”

Jake Banfield and Brady Lee have shared a fresh new release called “I Can Do This All Day”. The collaboration between the two artists makes much sense stylistically, as they both have engaging country-pop sounds that flirt with a variety of genres, making them both versatile musicians. Their latest offering, “I Can Do This All Day”, is an infectious and vibrant track that finds the pair sharing a natural chemistry as they deliver a warm, catchy track suitable for the tail end of summer.

“I Can Do This All Day” contains engaging instrumentation centred around balmy guitars, bouncy percussion, and rich bass. A dynamic offering, the track employs softer acoustic guitars in the verses, underscoring the song’s smooth, airy vocals, before dropping into an addictive chorus that builds the guitars in layers, making for a colorful crescendo of sound. The vocals here are sharply-crafted as well- as they linger in the listener’s head long after the song’s run time, showcasing the pair’s evocative songwriting abilities throughout.

The latest from Jake Banfield and Brady Lee, “I Can Do This All Day” is an infectious country-pop track that makes for a fitting soundtrack for the waning days of summer.

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