Jam Young shares epic new track “Hype Music”

Queens rapper Jam Young has shared an epic new track entitled “Hype Music”, featuring Detroit heavyweights Kid Vishis and Aztek the Barfly.

Jam Young is a rapper from Queens, New York. His love and passion for his community have earned him a dedicated fanbase over the years, and he even headlined the Queens Hip-Hop Festival in 2018. His online following grew with his 2019 song “Pushing”, a catchy, bouncy track about working towards your dreams. Since then, he has released 33 consecutive singles, providing versatile sounds and powerful messages with each.

For his latest single “Hype Music”, Jam Young enlists Detroit rap veterans Kid Fishis and Aztek the Barfly. The track is energetic and fast-paced, featuring raw drums and ominous keys. Deep bass rumbles underneath, adding balance to the beat. The three rappers provide aggressive, verbose verses but pair them with a catchy hook. They flex their lyrical skills whilst getting the listener pumped up.

Overall, “Hype Music” is an electrifying track featuring rapid-fire verses overtop of an exciting beat. This is a perfect song for a long workout or a sporting event. It provides much-needed motivation for the listener, inspiring one to continue their grind and strive for their goals.

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