James Gardin’s “Go Stream My Album” is a reflection of the times

The music industry has changed forever and with the way things are set up, the old ways are fading away and music has become a marketing tool for image-focused acts. With the advent of social media, streaming platforms, and unlimited access to music-making software, everyone and their grandmother can churn out records and go viral at the drop of a hat. With that being said, we still have musicians like James Gardin who make heartfelt and thought-provoking music in the space. “Go Stream My Album” is his newest offering and is a sobering outlook on the changing relationship between artist and listener.

The emotional track is bolstered by a moody and somewhat nostalgic texture layered on top of mid-tempo crunchy drums. Gardin touches on a number of issues and the dreaded gift and curse of being an artist not getting his just due. It’s a far cry from being bitter but rather a poignant and realistic take on the music business where talented acts get ignored in favor of run-off-the-mill artists. He looks at the dark moments and numerous creative slumps with a positive lens without being too happy-go-lucky. He is self-aware and knows things won’t come easy and the most touching line has to be “I probably wrote this while crying” right before Gardin implores fellow creatives not to give up.

Gardin adds via email,  “ I hope this song helps encourage people to fully live their purpose on their own terms and realizing they have one life and it doesn’t belong to anyone else.”

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