James Qupid delivers spotless bars over a polished beat on new single “Super Clean” [Video]

South Florida rapper James Qupid exudes confidence and swagger on latest release “Super Clean.” The accompanying music video is simple and nostalgic as the artist dances on top of an ice cream truck. Directed by Oasis Imagery, the visual is bright and colorful as women dance in front of a red Jeep.

“Super Clean” has a fast-paced hip-hop beat with booming 808s. Qupid’s verses are quick and punctual, gliding between claps. He raps the chorus, “I be super clean, you know what I mean” with a signature soft murmur. He slowly raises his inflection for the second verse rapping, “Too many flavors, you know that I can switch it up / Coconut with the lime, baby mix it up.” Subtle vocalized harmonies pop in as the chorus starts again.

The rapper’s smooth and sophisticated sound gives him a unique sashay. Boasting a significant following on social media, the rapper has cultivated a loyal fanbase of listeners. Ahead of the single release, he also teased “Super Clean” merchandise available for pre-order. James Qupid successfully combines his articulate flow with a funky R&B style, making him an artist to watch in 2022.

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