James Tillman’s “Arizona” takes us on a dreamy journey

Darker Than Wax is cooking up something special. The Singapore-based music and media company is putting together a new series of releases called “Various Channels” that will highlight their eclectic and always entertaining sound. The first installment in the series is curated by selector Marco Weibel and shines a light on the expansive creative energy emanating from Darker Than Wax’s second home, New York City. With the project’s tasteful first single from Jitwam already out, next in line is “Arizona” from the standout NYC artist James Tillman.

Anyone familiar with Tillman knows that his vocal style alone is enough to set him apart from a crowd, and “Arizona” is no exception. With shimmering harmonies and a funky, energetic drumbeat, Tillman’s warm voice floats through the mix as he sings about moving on from “old roads behind us” and “the burdens of the past.” His naturally patient yet sensual delivery is understated yet has a way of absolutely captivating one’s attention. The live instrumentation on the track offers proper support for Tillman’s vocals, following the various levels of energy and emotion with deft skill. “Arizona” shows us once again why James Tillman is an artist to watch and proves that his is a well-deserved spot on the forthcoming compilation.

Various Channels Vol. 1: NYC will also feature Toribio, Ensemble Entendu, David Marston, and Tristan Arp. The compilation is available to pre-order here.

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