Janette King explores an otherwordly love in new single “Mars”

True love can have an extraterrestrial feel to it, its existence bordering on myth and hope; when such a love reveals itself to a lucky few, it inspires the sort of euphoria that Toronto’s Janette King expresses in her latest single “Mars.” The glossy R&B track reflects pop colors and emits rhythms that feel futuristic but hit the soul at a primal level. Janette King takes command of her sound in “Mars” and has a lot of fun with it as she dares the listener to explore feelings both foreign and familiar, fantastic as planets uncharted.

The luscious track is gorgeously layered, allowing for King’s vocals to shine in all their bouncy and energetic glory, perfectly synced up to the beat, each verse floats and exudes confidence. Imagine a sonic type of perfume that permeates whatever surroundings “Mars” is playing in, and you have an idea of how producer Jonny Tobin has helped King create an atmosphere that captures her essence completely. “Mars” foreshadows what King has in store for us next year when her debut LP releases via Hot Tramp Records.

Few things are more exciting than new artists teaming up with new labels to amplify messages of love and acceptance: King will be releasing a music video for “Mars” in September that will highlight sexual freedom and the unique stories of expression in the black community. Either when dreaming up of love seemingly otherworldly or bettering relationships right here on Earth, Janette King comes in peace to gift us a rhythm uniquely of her for all to enjoy.

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