Jared Minnix invites you to “Slow Down” on latest single [Video]

In this uncertain time, it’s easy to get lost in the negative side of the coin. Like any set of sour circumstances, there’s always a silver lining and burgeoning alt-pop artist Jared Minnix has siphoned just that into his music. Hailing from Nashville, he had little time to recover from the tornado, before he found himself confined to his house much like everyone else. Whilst could have used his music as a conduit for this uncertainty, he decided to resign himself to the situation, focus on the silver linings and pen “Slow Down.”

“Slow Down” carries a relevant and important message, urging you to take stock of what we have, rather than focussing on what we don’t. His lighthearted delivery encourages positivity, pokes fun at the negatives, all go which provided in a feel-good, downtempo manner to boot. In his first-ever music video, you see the lyrics seamlessly navigate into visuals, with Minnix making the best of the tools available to him.

Having toured across America performing with various rising country artists, you can feel a twang flavouring the nuances of his subtly smokey vocals. His unique voice clearly takes centre stage here, with the simple production building harmoniously around his honeyed tones. With such a speedy turnaround for this level of quality, expect big things from Jared Minnix, 2020 and beyond.

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