Jay Critch shares spacey new single "PC"

New York's Jay Critch has shared a spacey new song called "PC". The Brooklyn-bred rapper, who has remained fiercely independent over the years while simultaneously refining his own style, has displayed much consistency through a series of bouncy, textural releases. Now, he returns with a new cut that encapsulates his surreal, raw sound.

The instrumental for "PC" is lively, featuring psychedelic synths that swirl in unexpected patterns. These playful synths create an engaging effect as they float overtop juicy 808s and head-banging drums. The overall marriage of the synths and rhythm section is very cohesive, providing a strong foundation for Critch's effortlessly charismatic vocals. His flow is buttery smooth in the verses, and caps it off with a memorable, well-written chorus.

Overall, "PC" is a potent, refreshing track from Jay Critch, further proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in East Coast hip-hop. This offering encapsulates his signature sound, providing an easy-going charm that is hard to replicate. Hopefully this release signals the coming of a full-length project from Critch in the near future, as he has remained so consistent in recent years.

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