Jay Guernon closes 2020 with ‘Flower Child 2’

Emerging LA-based artist Jay Guernon caught our attention with his end of the year release titled Flower Child 2. The EP is the follow up to his debut release of the same name and also serves as his second body of work in one year. For a new act, he seems to have an insatiable need to release music once the moment presents itself, and from the first listen, we hear a new and radiant sound that captures his characteristic bubbly energy mixed with bravado and some insightful elements.

While the title might infer a lot of peace and tranquility, Guernon delivers a wide range of emotions and styles. He doesn’t try to be who he is not as he shows his skill as a rapper and to an extent throws in some light singing for the fun of it. Tracks like “Stay Running” lean heavily on the bravado aspect and any doubts are left on the cutting floor. Guernon is intentional and knows what it takes to be appealing while keeping his musical integrity on tracks like moody “2Tone” and the bouncy, 808-laden “Ricki Lake.” He keeps it light with a diverse sound ripe with catchy melodies and subject matter every young man can relate to on their come up as ballers in the game. “Catalina” closes the EP on a grand note with Guernon flexing his riches over a booming snappy beat. far from being too full of himself, he also throws in some inspiration elements as he implores listeners to either go hard or go home in this dog eat dog world.
Flower Child 2 is 4 tracks long and clocks in 8 minutes of listening time which is quite short. While he shows his bravado and a little bit of reflection at certain parts, he doesn’t give too much of himself at this junction and we can only wait until his next release. For now, it seems he is just having fun and doing what makes his heart glad.
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