Jay Guernon delves into sexual temptation on “Demon Time”

Emerging pop musician Jay Guernon captures sexual temptation within a sensual blend of hip-hop and pop on “Demon Time,” embodying the intense reminders of certain special person and the determination to get our minds off the explosion of feelings.

The energetic number is carried by his airy vocals and suave delivery, rooted in a groovy pop soundscape, “Demon Time” with suggestive lyrics like “I know you got options, but I wanna be the only one on your mind”, balanced out by a warm and nostalgic summer vibe.

Produced by award-winning producer Kenny Barto, with Guernon’s trademark feel-good pop artistry shining bright, the track follows on the heels of celebratory production “Go Baby”, highlighting the popstar charm that this rising musician encapsulates, even as his expansive music is framed by a willingness to experiment and challenge himself.

Whipping up a powerful combination of smooth vocals and an overarching message of hope that urges listeners to pursue their dreams,Jay Guernon is making his way to big things in music.

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