Jayla Kai unveils her graceful new EP, 'Epitome'

Captivating emerging Indie folk pop talent Jayla Kai releases her new EP, Epitome. The beautiful five-track body of work focuses on introspective themes of self-discovery, creativity and heartbreak. Through this sincere exploration of identity, we get a glimpse inside her moody, wistful world.

“Paperread” is a soft and melancholy offering. Paper can represent creation, but it can also depict vulnerability, hence the term “paper thin.” This intimate piece centers on being prone to fragility. Kai reveals, “I wrote the song in one long burst, walking up and down my road in the summer of 2019. Mulberries were filling the trees hanging over the road and had fallen onto the pavement, which was stained dark purple. I thought about how they only fell when they were ripe, and if they were ripe they easily came off the branch into your fingers or into your mouth. This image gave me the first line.”

Then there is “Old Town,” another delicate release detailing a deep-seated fear of never escaping simple small town life. She soulfully sings, “Afraid of opening up, afraid of shutting down/ afraid of being like my parents never leaving this town.” Restless and dreaming of bigger things, the track is a stunning diary of her desire to break free.

The 18-year-old gains inspiration from intoxicating talents such as Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Soccer Mommy. She also takes influence from the incredible community of musicians she was immersed with growing up in Woodstock. Check out the personal and profound EP now.

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