Jazz Mino's debut EP "Someone Else To Talk To" is emotive, upbeat pop

Pop singer-songwriter Jazz Mino explores loneliness, insecurities and moving on from failed relationships on energetic debut EP Someone Else To Talk To. Short and sweet, stocked with lush soundscapes, the EP sees combine her feel-good pop musicality with poetic songwriting, underpinned by honeyed vocals.

Opening with electro-tinged breakup anthem “Shy,” Mino moves from the personal tale of crushing on a close friend to the emotive sensibilities of hazy, synth drenched “Fragile.” Taking us on a fulfilling journey of nuanced emotions within four powerful tracks, the Manchester-born, Somerset-raised infuses the singalong stylings of upbeat, guitar-led offering “Sorry Ur Bored,” with the sombre yet impactful touch of final and title track “Someone Else To Talk To,” showcasing impressive sonic versatility.

Having begun her career busking in and around her hometown, Mino has emerged as an artist to watch in the pop scene with a smooth blend of polished production skills and catchy vocal hooks, framed by poignant song writing. Now with her bop-filled debut project she lays the foundation for a musical career that looks set to be long and fruitful.

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