JD Hinton unveils heartfelt five-track collection ‘Five Smooth Stones’

Acclaimed singer-songwriter JD Hinton unveils heartfelt five-track collection Five Smooth Stones, drawing inspiration from the biblical tale of David and Goliath interwoven with modern philosophies about overcoming life’s adversities. 

Led by intricate production skill and lyrical prowess, the EP opens with the evocative lyrics and dynamic piano-driven melodies on cinematic offering “Ready to Begin,” which seamlessly transitions into the blues-tinged enigmatic touches of “Beautiful Woman,” unfolding a vivid tale of desire and ambition.

Balancing powerful anthems like “When You Dance” that reflect on the  bittersweet transience of human connections to showcasing a bit of chaos on the unapologetic styling of “Too Damn Good,” Hinton concludes the emotional rollercoaster on a deeply personal note with “Fall In My Arms,” allowing echoes of passionate love and longing to sweep past us. 

Coming to life as a carefully crafted project built on layered sonics and poetic storytelling, the EP is yet another glistening gem in Hinton’s widespread and timeless musical path. 

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