Jeán et Joie released a stunning new single, “Glory Be”

Jeán et Joie, the brainchild of the talented singer-songwriter Grey Jeán, has unveiled their latest single, “Glory Be,” which ushers in an entirely new era of soul-stirring musical revelation. This stunning music speaks to the heart with its poignant narratives and soulful embrace of nature, transcending genres and resonating with a raw emotional fervor that leaves a lasting impression.

“Glory Be” is a luminous testament to Grey Jeán’s profound connection to their roots and their musical journey. Born in the heart of Mountain Home, Arkansas, Grey’s path from harmonizing with their sisters to gracing stages with their celestial melodies is a tale of unwavering passion and artistic resilience. This poignant track is a tribute to this journey, seamlessly weaving together mournful folk influences and a radiant optimism that ignites like the first rays of dawn.

The stream-of-consciousness storytelling style embodied within “Glory Be” paints vivid sonic landscapes where celestial realities and the intricate tapestry of lived experiences intertwine. The delicate instrumentals that effortlessly caress Grey’s evocative vocals elevate the listener to a higher plane of introspection and reflection, inviting them to explore the emotions that dwell within.

Jeán et Joie’s formation is a harmonious convergence of musical talents, featuring drummer Ikaika’s finesse and Dash’s mesmerizing guitar harmonies, both hailing from the renowned LA ensemble Flamango Bay. Joined by Grey’s partner Gabrielle Néla, the band’s ethereal synergy takes root in North Carolina’s verdant forests, paying homage to the essence of their musical inception.

As we traverse the emotional landscapes etched within “Glory Be,” we find ourselves ensnared by its haunting melodies, rekindling a sense of wonderment that often lays dormant within us.

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