Jenna Bennett offers an uplifting message on "Rhythm Of You"

Canadian musician Jenna Bennett reminds us that everything in life happens for a reason on laid back R&B production “Rhythm Of You,” led by her sultry voice embedded within lush layers of atmospheric synths and soft beats. With a natural ability to push the confines of her own sound with powerful vocals juxtaposed against dreamy, soothing instrumentals, Bennett assures us that sometimes when something doesn’t happen, it’s because something better is waiting around the corner.

Built on versatile vocals that span from wispy to emotive, “Rhythm Of You,” showcases the rising Toronto act’s creative vision that combines intelligent but relatable song writing with earworm melodies, crafted in a way that uplifts herself and everyone listening. The perfect mood setter for any late night playlist with it lulling finish and vibrant narratives, the track reveals how far the upcoming singer has come in her musical journey.

From falling in love with music at a young age to taking her first steps into making her own music at 15, Bennett has consistently made a mark with her releases in 2018 and 2019 before fully blooming to potential in 2020, as she steps forward with a full library of authentic creations, refined with careful precision, that bring to the cusp of a breakthrough into the music scene.

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