Jensen McRae performs “Adam’s Ribs” live in new video

Jensen McRae didn’t sit back too long before she began delivering on visuals off her new project. The heartbreak ballad, “Adam’s Ribs” from McRae’s debut EP, Who Hurt You? is officially out. The LA-based singer-songwriter crushed the video to her breakout song, “Immune”, followed-up by a visual for her project’s opener, “Starting to Get To You” in the following week. This week, she releases yet another stunning visual to add to the world of Who Hurt You?.

The music video is a live performance of the rising artist’s final track from her new EP, Who Hurt You? McRae is backed in the video by a wonderful two-part string arrangement, a violin and cello. 

Speaking of arrangements, the video set design for “Adam’s Ribs” is beautifully decorated with hanging lightbulbs and a handful of flower arrangements which we can assume is in connection with the Biblical story of Adam and his companion, Eve which is set in a garden. The video directed by Nicky Parks is a creative addition to the already 

As she has done consistently with a majority of all her Youtube content, the artist details some thoughts to give context to the video, and to “Adam’s Ribs” in particular she wrote in the video description, “Adam’s Ribs” is a rare song that isn’t about one person or experience in particular, but rather a record of a feeling, a pursuit of the explanation of a lifetime’s worth of unrequited love. I’m not a biblical person, but I find the allusions and imagery in the bible to be incredibly profound. The narrative of a love sprung from one’s own bones was too rich to pass up. This live performance is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, and I hope it reminds you of every time you clung to love that didn’t cling back to you, how utterly hopeless and devastating that was, but also powerful, and how full of light.

Look’s like McRae is fully flooring it, and we all love to see it. You can stream her new EP below.

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