Jerusha touches on the refusal of being second best in debut single “Aquafina”

U.S. pop artist (and actress) Jerusha has unleashed her debut single, “Aquafina“—a bright, pop anthem that sees the newest artist to the music scene explore the story of empowerment and the refusal of being second best.

Not much is known about Jerusha from a music perspective though much is known of her accomplishments in the entertainment sector. Even so, Jerusha has managed to put together a solid debut single that sees the young artist deliver a euphoric vocal range and honest lyricism over fast-paced bass drum, claps, and sporadic use of synth keys.

Each lyric in “Aquafina” is an open reflection on letting go and releasing the often hindered thoughts and feelings on holds inside. This honest lyricism shows the quality of Jerusha’s storytelling abilities, a typically seasoned attribute from such a relatively new artist. Keep your eyes on this one! 

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