Jess Classic drops poetic yet unfiltered album ’12’

Rising Buffalo-hailing rap artist Jess Classic delivers poetic yet unfiltered project 12 leading with his deep vocal quality and minimal instrumentation for a powerful hip-hop collection.

Led consistently by smooth flow over a stripped back production which ebbs and flows in energy seamlessly moving from the anthemic quality of tracks like “R.Y.F.O” and “Jon Snow,” to slower, emotive touches on “Thousand Years.”

While “One Hit,” is quite the groovy number, following track “Tom Brady,” is more gritty, perfectly encapsulate his expansive range into two consecutive offerings. His sonic diversity continues to be showcased on the sultry feels of “Heures D’Absence,” and the infectious yet slow-build sensibilities of final track “Toast.”

With a laid-back yet furious energy that keeps his audiences on their toes, Classic’s signature and strength is definitely the combination of rumbly voice and layered beats. Whipping up a slice of hip-hop that fits different listening experiences, 12 has something for everyone.

A 12-year musical career and over 10 full-length projects behind him, Jess Classic who was first drawn to music at the age of 11 has relentlessly pursued a place for himself in the hip-hop scene spanning lyrical explorations of his experiences, struggles and victories, framed by authenticity, dedication and uncut, raw talent.

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