Jessica Nicole Brown releases fiery single “Hoopla la la” [Video]

Laced with sass, up and coming singer-songwriter Jessica Nicole Brown has returned with new single “Hoopla la la.” In the past year, her EP Girl, I Don’t Know has really kickstarted things. With important tastemakers already getting onboard, and with a growing fanbase, she’s reached a new level with her material that will make more listeners take note.  

The track showcases a more fiery side to Jessica, as she presents a melting pot of pop, hip-hop, rock and punk. Moody drums drive the track forward, as guitars ebb and flow in the chorus underneath an infectious melody. The verses opt for minimalism instrumentally, but her voice has enough power and energy to carry the personality of the track as she paints a picture of her strong emotions.

Speaking about the release she says: “I went through many different drafts, but the constant was the feeling of rage or hatred towards someone who said they loved me… I just imagined it with obnoxious 808s and a rock flair. I also heard it having somewhat of a pop/punk attitude in my delivery.  Picture this song being recorded after I was put through hell and now, I’m back to return the favor.”

Jessica Nicole Brown has established herself as one to watch with artistic flair and huge amounts of potential. Now back with the new single, Brown is continuing her journey, building an exciting career as an artist. The video accompaniment is also not one to be missed, and represents Jessica’s personally unbelievably well. With ample tastemaker praise and with incredible visuals, music and a growing fanbase, we can’t wait to see where she’ll take her craft next – and it’s one not to be missed. 

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