Jet Black Alley Cat announce final album and breakup with “Ready For This” [Video]

Nashville’s Jet Black Alley Cat are back with “Ready For This,” a stratospheric first taste of their forthcoming album, but with the album announcement also comes the sad news that this will be the final chapter in their story.

In a statement shared on Instagram, the band state, “new times are upon us. the past year & a half was spent making a record in Los Angeles. this is not only a new record but the last record from us. Yes, this is the last rodeo. what a damn ride. With that being said, our new record will be titled “MAD DISCO 70’s LOVERS” and it’s real close. follow along for releases & let’s soak in this last phase as much as possible. love you forever.”

Whilst the cause of the breakup isn’t entirely clear, the five-piece are clearly looking to go out with a bang.

Known for their addictive reinterpretation of nostalgic aesthetics through modern pop-rock ideals, “Ready For This” commands your attention from as soon as you hit play. Huge chords, embellished by shimmering synth arpeggios pulls you into their amber-tinted world, a world that perfectly harmonises in the space between fresh and familiar. The energy scales back for the verses which apply a warm sense of wanderlust, but this dip in dynamics sets up a hallmark of the JBAC style – a huge, unforgettable chorus that’s sure to rattle around your head until you hear it again.

Sharing insight into the lyrics in an email statement, the band outline that, Everyone seems convinced they’re ready to fall in love but are you really? This song weighs the pros & cons of that weighted decision of commitment.

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