Jillian Rossi reflects on heartbreak with "Hurt Again"

Long Island, New York musician Jillian Rossi has returned with a powerful single called "Hurt Again". Earlier this year, the 21 year-old artist gained widespread attention after running widely successful pre-save campaigns for her singles "Fever Dream" and "Give Me a Reason". Now, she has returned with an emotionally resonant new song exploring the effects of heartbreak and loss.

"Hurt Again" features an instrumental that is graceful and smooth, centred around elegant keys. Underscored by rich violins and , the keys slowly build as they are joined by powerful synths and driving drums. Matching the song's wistful instrumentation, Rossi's vocals are emotionally potent as they convey a deep sense of longing. Her melodies in the chorus are especially memorable, showcasing her sharp abilities as a songwriter. 

"Hurt Again" marks another passionate, touching release from Rossi, who has been emerging as a strong new voice in pop music. With poignant songwriting and personal themes, her heartfelt style is certainly captivating, and she is quickly making a name for herself as an artist to watch.

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