Jimkata is fed up of having to “Wait For You” in new single

Los Angeles based electro-rock three-piece Jimkata have revealed visuals for the infectious “Wait For You.” Created by animator Ben Clarkson, the video emphasizes the track’s narrative of being fed up with waiting around, floating in a state of uncertainty. A theme more apt now than ever before, Jimkata share their own experiences of coping with periods of ambiguity. Singer Evan Friedell shares, “I didn’t realize at the time I wrote it how prescient and universal that feeling would become as we experience a global pandemic and a world in chaos.”  With jangly guitars, driving percussion and quirky synths, “Wait For You” is a song that will make you reevaluate your life, and the people around us.  

While a cartoon man sits on a bench, waiting, we’re confronted with the spinning world around him. Time goes by, the man grows a beard and long hair, and yet he is still sat waiting, not knowing where his life may lead next.

The video also highlights the uncertainty of the planet we live on, showing ice caps melting and the city becoming submerged under water. Jimkata hopes to remind others to take action and take control over our future and to not let time run away from us. 

The trio are known for their synth-washed, pop rock sound, and “Wait For You” is yet another addition to their catalogue of celebrated releases.

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