Jimmie Bishop and Zach The Hero drop R&B project ‘heart in the clouds’

West Coast rising talents Jimmie Bishop and Zach The Hero team up with co-creator Sound of Soma to deliver chilled out third project heart in the clouds, led by expansive R&B-laden soundscape and messages on of love, relationships, and women.

Tinged by other genres like Afrobeats, each track on the collection has been carefully crafted to be romantic mood-setters. Speaking of the inspiration behind the album, Bishop says, “It started as a mood for me. Looking back over Zach and I’s music, I realized we had music for the gym, music to study to, music to drive to, but didn’t really have music for chilling with some girls.”

Coming to life as energetic and free-flowing showcase of their candid artistry, the introspective project takes us through reflections on trust, confidence, lust, courtship and heartbreak, balancing the warmth of being in love with frustrating turbulence of disagreements and jealousy.

Managing to be vulnerable and anthemic all at once, heart in the clouds which follows the success of their 2019 debut The Ark and 2022’s So Far So Good, sets both emerging acts on an illustrious musical path.

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