Jimmy Smash share the transcendent indie pop cut “Under”

There’s nothing quite like tracks that instantly lift you out of your day with transcendent and uproarious vigour. The Norwegian alt-pop production duo of Mikkel Graham Guttormsen and Håvard Lyngstad, or Jimmy Smash, have just that with their latest single, the uplifting yet pensively lyricised, “Under.”

Guttormsen’s taste for hip-hop and Lyngstad’s background in metal, alongside their classical training, pushes their salubrious mix of indie pop and indietronica in progressively new directions, synergistically crafting a kaleidoscopic sound beyond the à la mode curve. Perfectly described in this new instalment of their compelling joint venture, the all-encompassing vibe ensnares your mind within moments of hitting play. Soft synths collide with bordering on tropical rhythms, tinted with a faint air of nostalgia. The tender and understated verse adds a melancholic dimension to the track and sets the stage for the harmonious and addictive chorus, which is where the track truly shines brightest and dazzlingly so.

Speaking to the release in an email statement, they share, “With this song, we want to push the boundaries and explore what Jimmy Smash is, both musically and lyrically. This song is for those of us who make music only for our own pleasure without thinking so much about the outcome, and then it is also extra fun for us to invite more people to the fun in the process.”

“Under” is available now via Compro Records.

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