Jiwanta earned his “Chrome Heart Tags”

Meet Jiwanta, the rising star who refused to give up on his dream. Starting out making beats on his laptop in the 9th grade, and struggling to gain traction at first, he kept working tirelessly on his craft, developing his skills as a rapper and producer. His big break came when he caught the attention of Adam22 from the popular podcast “No Jumper,” which gave him a platform to showcase his talent on SoundCloud. Since then, he has released successful singles, worked with big producers, and gained a significant following on social media. Jiwanta’s music is inspired by his personal experiences, and he uses his platform to inspire like-minded people to pursue their dreams. Despite his success, he remains humble and grounded and is currently working on a new album that promises to showcase his versatility.

His latest single, “Chrome Heart Tags”, released on August 22, 2022, and is the perfect showcase of his underrated talent. An ambient soundscape meets hard-hitting 808s and carefully mixed vocals, to prove that Jiwanta has come far from his humble beginnings as a SoundCloud rapper. Jiwanta’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication, and he’s only getting started. Check out his music on Spotify and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his journey!

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