Jocelyn Alice drops blissful yet melancholic pop number “Baby Girl”

Canadian platinum-certified pop singer Jocelyn Alice comes together with Grammy award-winning producer Autumn Rowe and R&B musician Justine Tyrell on blissful pop number “Baby Girl,” which manages to hit the sweet spot between melancholic and playful.

Alice’s husky vocals blends into Tyrell’s laid-back delivery for a hypnotic, jazzy production that transports into a warm summer’s day, the layered harmonies brought to life by Rowe’s expert touch.

Showcasing their sonic finesse, the collaborative offering has evolved over the course of six years, different versions and hooks merging and weaving to transform into the intricate sonic that finally graces us now.

Rising to stardom in 2015 and never looking back, Jocelyn Alice has honed the ability to craft catchy but meaningful pop songs. Now, with title track “Baby Girl,” giving us an enticing glimpse of the seven-track EP to come, the year seems bright for this long-lasting act.

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