John Star addresses the competition on his new single “regardless”

Rising rapper John Star has a lot of words for the naysayers and opposition in his new single “regardless.” Star is not the type to joke around as he sets it off with an unapologetic demeanor and bravado-driven lyrical style that blends street savviness with business acumen over the bass-heavy trap production. “Regardless” is a record that chronicles staying ahead of the competition, grinding to the top and being unapologetic and boastful about success with his goals, his money, and making sure nothing stops the money flow regardless of the situations in front of him. His flow and cadence might be a bit serviceable but it gets the job done with efficiency as Star also goes for the neck of the opposition with verbal threats augmented by his commanding vocal tone.

The visual is easy on the eyes and makes use of a lot of performance shots of Star and a curvaceous lady lounging in an unknown location. There aren’t many visual effects used here so most of the shots also make use of cut scenes, angular shots, and seamless transitions to tie it all up together.

John Star was raised in Staten Island, and grew up on the music of legends such as Jay Z, Nas, Fabolous to name a few.

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