Johnny Rain releases new beautifully poetic R&B project ‘Ep2’

Johnny Rain releases his new passionate R&B project Ep2— a new work filled with poetic songwriting coming straight from the heart.
Opening up this project with “MemoryHouse,” we are quickly introduced to Rain’s unique style and delivery that blends alluring sounds together in order to create intriguing multi-layered production. With heartfelt lyrics, such as “The desire to hold something will exceed your capacity to keep it / Remember that you are as much yours as you are the weight of whatever you are trying to get / You are no one’s possession / nor should you keep another captive,” he paints evocative pictures for listeners. Through dreamy beats and echoing noises from nature, the complex production helps ignite the senses. By integrating a deep God-like voice to create the illusion of a higher power speaking from above, this track mixes spiritual elements that go beyond the physical sounds.
“Pink Rose / Feenin'” puts listeners in that same blissful state by brilliantly capturing the mesmerizing scent of a rose through song. The euphoric beat in the background and the profound lyrics, allow Rain to sing about love as he creates a ‘La Vie En Rose’ state of mind. His delivery is powerful yet his tone is soft, forming the ideal lullaby. 
On “’13,” poetry is once again intertwined with each word that leaves Johnny Rain, thanks to vivid lyrics such as “a rose can grow from fire.” Spilling his heart through brightly-colored imagery, his gentle tone gives off an effortless feel to the vocal delivery. We hear the raw emotions present in his voice as he boldly showcases the vulnerability of a passionate songwriter. As the track alternates between Johnny Rain and that higher power vocal, the impactful underlying messages provide moments of introspective healing.  
Press play and get lost in an intense project that brings out your emotions and can undeniably guide you through a positive process of internal growth.
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