Johnny Stimson is honest and resourceful in "Material Things" [Video]

Acclaimed alt-pop artist Johnny Stimson just released his new track and accompanying visuals for "Material Things." The singer/songwriter, who is celebrated for his uncanny ability to craft meaningful and lucid songs layered with elements of soul, pop and R&B, has received widespread acclaim since his music journey began and even signed to Sir Elton John's label Rocket Records in 2015. 

In Stimson's new single, "Material Things," the artist, like many of us, underwent a change of perspective over the pandemic. Inspired by the loneliness and isolation felt during quarantine, Stimson sought out new ways to connect with the world around him and ultimately found satisfaction in entertaining himself alone. Stimson confides, "I wrote material things as a satire to point out and notice how easy it can be to seek joy in the things around us. I got a Tamagotchi over quarantine and it almost felt like a real friend for a while. Sometimes relationships with people can be hard, so this is a caricature of my occasional desire to just be alone with my video games and guitars. Ultimately, I don't believe there's much joy to be found in material things, but this is a song about confusing the dopamine hit of buying stuff with true happiness."  

Featuring Stimson's signature soul-infused vocals over a flavorful and upbeat pop melody, the song radiates with a fresh mix of innocence, wit, and experimental taste.  In the accompanying visuals for "Material Things," Stimson paints a picture of accepting and finding comfort with his new "toys," especially when human interaction isn't an option or it becomes too difficult. Shot using a vivid color palette that brilliantly blends vintage and contemporary aesthetics, Stimson is seen passing the time by wearing the latest fashions, bonding with his Tamagochi, and playing around with his new motorcycle. 

Dallas based artist Johnny Stimson is an artist on the rise who aims to "spread love through music."  In addition to songwriting, many of his tracks are also self-produced, adding yet another layer to this talented artist's musical abilities. "Material Things" is off of Stimson's upcoming EP entitled Butterflies, which is set to release on October 8th. 

Watch Johnny Stimson's "Material Things" here and enjoy the things you have, even if they don't bring long term happiness.

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